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  • We are an international company which provides services on formation, sale and transfer of companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia, for example.
  • Within 24 hours of placing an order, you may acquire the rights to act on behalf of your LLC (Sp. z o.o.)
  • Ready made companies that we sell did not carry any business activities but have NIP numbers, REGON, KRS and EU VAT / VAT.
  • We also run a virtual office, you can use the registered office in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Třinec, Bratislava, Budapest and Sofia.
  • We want to ensure clients cooperating with us that we meet all expectations, so we guarantee fast and professional service.

Friendly and professional staff at your disposal

Náš pracovní tým Náš pracovní tým Náš pracovní tým Náš pracovní tým

After several years working in various beauty salons I decided to open my own. I had my regular customers, so I wanted my company to be made as soon as possible, because I knew that I could not afford to let my customers go to the competition, and in this branch of business we have to be available for our customers every day. The price was also important, and a better offer than EUROCOMPANIES was not found anywhere.

Katarzyna, the owner of a beauty salon in Radom
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