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Changes in the National Court Register

Entry in the National Court Register is necessary to establish a commercial company, association or foundation. Formalities related to registration and changing the content of an entry in the National Court Register may seem complicated for people unfamiliar with the procedure, which is why they often use the help of specialists. How to go about these activities? How does it go step by step and what should you remember when doing it? Let's check!

When is registration in the National Court Register required?

Entry in the National Court Register is necessary in many cases, primarily in connection with the establishment of commercial companies, associations, foundations or trade unions. By registering in the National Court Register, enterprises and other entities can operate fully legally. In order to properly register a given organization, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the entire process and the required formalities related to the operation of the register.

No less important are any changes in the National Court Register after establishing a company or other type of entity. They may be necessary in the event of new people appearing on the management board, increasing the share capital or moving the company's headquarters to another address. Making these modifications may seem complicated, but it is possible provided that certain formalities are met.

Introducing changes to the National Court Register – how to do it?

This process requires a bit of patience and care. The first step is to collect documents, such as a resolution on the modifications introduced, an updated entry in the register or a new company statute, if necessary. Appropriate court applications are equally important. It is worth noting here that changes to the National Court Register take place in multiple stages, and their supervision and implementation require both knowledge and experience.

For this reason, many people decide to use the help of specialists who can implement procedures in accordance with applicable regulations. Cooperation with professionals allows you to expect that all documents related to changes in the National Court Register will be properly prepared and submitted, and the formalities will be completed.

Scope of services provided:

  • Reregistration of the company
  • Change in the management structure: appointment/dismissal of management board members
  • Change in the composition of partners
  • Appointment of a commercial representative
  • Change of company address
  • Change to the partnership agreement:
    • change of registered office
    • name change
    • change in the method of representing the company
    • increase in share capital
    • change in the subject of economic activity
    • change in the duration for which the company is established
    • appointment/dismissal of the supervisory board
  • and others...

If you are interested in us making changes to the National Court Register, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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